Tips for getting photographed for marriage proposal
You are taking a first step toward your lifelong commitment.
Always work with a photographer you feel you can trust. This will make communication between the two of you easier and give you the confidence to express your own ideas. But listen to what they tell you, after all, they are the ones looking through the lens and will see things differently than you might think.
Get your hair done, trimmed. Shampoo and do not apply oil. If you have not asked for makeup and hair stylist from the photographer come prepared accordingly.
Choose solid dark colors. Busy patterns can be distracting in the photos. Avoid stiff materials like cotton, linen, jute, etc. Go for clothes that have proper fitting and nice silk like fall. Bring more options of clothes like Black, Dark Brown, Green, Maroon, Dark Grey etc along with matching accessories and footwear. Bring only those stuff that you like to wear.
For female get your eyebrows done, body waxed, nails trimmed, extended and colored as per your liking. If you think you are looking hefty wear clothing with opaque elbow length sleeve, knee or above knee length salwar/kurti and chudidar/legging and wear your highest heels. If you do not know how to wear a saree, bring someone who can do it for you nicely or ask the photographer to hire saree draping expert.
For Male get your beard clean shaved if you are not going for stubble look. Let your mustache be trimmed. Let bottoms of your trousers be narrow rather than broad. If you are having lot of hair on hands preferably wear shirt with full sleeve.
Before coming to us you can take a trial of garments at your place and see for yourself how you look and like it. You can also practice your expressions and poses in front of mirror and then try to recreate it during photography.
Never ever rest your hands on your body in a way that will crease or crush the garment. Let them be away from body by a margin of thin air or feather touch. For a more statuesque poster, wear your highest heels. If you are going to wear spectacles during photography make sure they are with anti glare coating and carry options for the same if you have.
Bring someone with whom you are comfortable and who can take care of your belongings. Remove everything like purse, mobile, handkerchief from pockets during photography.
If you are having preferences for backdrop discuss it with photographer prior to shoot. Normally we shoot on plain white background.
Be in positive frame of mind during the entire session.
We are photographers, not magicians so do not expect miracles.
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